Production Base

BLG® is a collection of Carrageenan, Konjac Gum, Agar-Agar products from development to production as one of the manufacturing plants, its two factories are located in Shanghai and Pinghu, the factories were established in 1998 and the output has been increasing year after year since then. Company involved in various types of products’ production lines. Over the recent years of production experience and transformation, the current production capacity at home and abroad has reached the best level. It is worth mention that production technological innovations in all aspects of enterprise, such as product quality improvement, efficiency promotion, sewage treatment plant, have been repeatedly carried out in BLG® plants. Currently, the plants not only have the most complete production equipment, but also possess the best production quality, BLG® plants’ staff, especially staff in frontline key positions are capable workers who have been working in plant almost 10 years. Most of them are doctors and postgraduates.


BLG® has been rated as one of four-star integrity enterprises in Shanghai, 2013 year China Light Industry hundred enterprises, safety production standardization for the secondary unit, health basic management standardization enterprise, and environmental management system certification enterprise and so on. Chairman of the company was also rated as the third business leader in Shanghai and many other awards.

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