Carrageenan-Air Freshener

BLG’s freshener is made by carrageenan and other gums with highly hardness and ductility. It is easy to use, good gel strength, good thermo stability and better freeze-thaw durability. More clearly and transparency compare with Agar. No change for long time placement with long lasting flavor.


Product Feature

  • Good moisture retention
  • High hardness with good stability
  • High transparency with good freezing resistance





Carrageenan for capsule has special strength such like thermally-reversible, film-processing ability.


Product Feature

  • No dangerous and side-effect for human body with short time for disintegration.
  • Good quality, high transparent and more elastic.
  • Cut down the cost of production.





It is particularly used for high-grade toothpaste.


Product Feature

  • High transparency
  • Soft
  • Good moisture retention
  • Elastic



Carrageenan - Facial Mask


Carrageenan is extracted from nature vegetable without exciter substance. Meanwhile, it has characteristic of solids and liquid state. Non-soluble substance would be fixed by carrageenan, so it is quite suitable for facial mask.

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