Carrageenan- Dessert Jelly

Product characteristics

  • lower amount of usage without filter
  • Good moisture retention with high transparency
  • Good texture with various type
  • Easy to disperse - quick solubility



Jelly is quite popular around the world. They are attractive by colorful and cute appearance, with a fresh and fruity flavor and will be hot sold as a small food & dessert or as intermediate refreshment by kids and even adult.


Our jelly powder is made by carrageenan as main raw material, which has striking feature to comparing with others gum.


The more important reason for you to choose our product is because BLG® would offer you right product depending on your requirement. According to many years oversea sales experience, we know what kind of jelly powder would be right choice for your country or your market. Meanwhile we also have ability to develop new product to satisfy our clients’ different needs.

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