Carrageenan-Meat Products

In food system, the most important difference of properties between carrageenan and other hydrocolloids is its ability to combine or interact with proteins from meat. In milk protein systems, at peripheral locations on the casein micelle there is a concentration of positive charges. This positive electrostatic charge attracts the negatively-charged sulfate groups of the carrageenan molecule to form linkages among the dispersed casein micelles. Carrageenan’s ability to complex with milk proteins, combined with its water gelling properties enhances carrageenan’s functionality, e.g. increased gel potential. The strength of carrageenan that shows in process of complex with protein is retaining water and keeps gravy from meat after heating. Meanwhile, it also keeps elasticity in meat product and extends shelf-life.


BLG’s R&D did lots of research about meat product development. And we successful invented different compound meat product thickener based on different production technology. Such as low temperature injection type with features of quick dispersion, easy dissolve, low viscosity, light color and high gel strength. All of these products would be totally satisfy with difference clients’ various requirements.


Product Feature

Increase yield

Improve texture and sliceability

Improve moisture retention

Excellent flavor release


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