Kappa Semi-Refined



Treatment of the natural strains of seaweeds of Gigartinaceae, Solieriaceae, Hypneaceae and Furcellar iaceae, families of the class Rhodophyceae(red seaweeds) remove impurities and fresh water washing and drying to obtain the product. Further purification may be achieved by washing and drying. The product consists chiefly of the potassium salts of polysaccharide sulphate eaters which on hydrolysis, yield galactose and 3,6-anhydrogalaclose. Sodium, magnesium and calcium salts of polysaccharide sulphate eaters are present in less amount. Up to 15% algal cellulose is also present in the product. The carrageenan in processed eucheuma seaweed shall not be hydrolyzed otherwise chemically degraded.


Physical & Chemical Specification



tan to yellowish, coarse to fine powder

Particle Size (120/200 mesh)

more than 90% pass

Viscosity (mPa.s)


Total Ash Content (%)


Moisture (%)


PH level


Ash of not dissolve into acid (%)


Sulphate (%,count by SO42-)


Arsenic (ppm)


Lead (ppm)


Mercury (ppm)


Cadmium (ppm)


Total Plate Count (cfu/g)


Yeast & Moulds (cfu/g)


E. coil

absent in 5g


absent in 10g

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