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Konjac glucomanna (KGM) is a water-soluble dietary fiber that is similar to pectin in structure and function. KGM is a high molecular polysaccharide, is formed when the residues of glucose and mannose are bound together by ß-1,4-linkages, the molar ratio of glucose and mannose is 1:1.6, Acetyl groups are located on every 9-19th sugar unit. These acetyl groups contribute to the solubility and gelling properties. If the acetyl groups are removed under mild alkaline conditions, the molecule will produce heat stable gels. The molecular weight of KGM from 200,000 to 2,000,000 varied by konjac species or variety, processing method and even storage time of the raw material.


Physical & Chemical Specification


Product code






yellowish to white, free flowing powder

Particle Size

more than 95% pass 40 mesh

more than 90% pass 40 mesh

>more than 95% pass 80 mesh

<more than 10% pass 200 mesh

Glucomannan (%)


Viscosity (mPa.s)



Total Ash Content (%)


Moisture (%)


Sulfur Dioxide (g/kg)


PH level


Transparency (T%)


Arsenic (ppm)


Lead (ppm)


Total Plate Count (cfu/g)



Aflatoxin B1 (μg/kg)


Sand Content(%)



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