CharacteristicsApplication methods
Toothpaste Make products high transparency, soft, good water retention and elastic Appropriate dosage
Air Freshener Compound carrageenan with other thickening agent, improve products’ hardness and toughness, gel has good high temperature resistance and freeze resistance, more clear and transparent compared with agar agar, not spoil after placing for a long time, release a lasted smell and not easy to dehydration Dosage: 1.2%-1.8%; mix with certain rate of water and heat-up to dissolve; add other ingredients, stir and dissolve; add flavor, stir and emulsify; pour into cups; cooling
Capsule Carrageenan provides products solid content, viscosity, thickness and water retention Dosage:5-10%; dissolve with other ingredients; dry it and make into products
Facial Mask Carrageenan provides products film forming ability, water retention, make masks release water and effective ingredients gradually Appropriate dosage; dissolve with other ingredients and molding
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