CharacteristicsApplication methods
Lactic acid bacteria beverage Can effectively protect the protein from the acidification, degeneration and precipitation, make products taste smooth, flavor is released better Dosage:0.5-1.0%; mix with white sugar; add heat water, mix and dissolve; cool to ambient temperature; add prepared fermented milk; mix well and adjust acid content; heat-up and homogenize them; pasteurize and cooling
Yoghourt Make yoghourt better water retention, have no weak gel phenomenon, delicate taste, cost less Dosage: 1.0%-1.5%; mix with white sugar and add into fresh milk; heat-up, mix, dissolve and homogenize; pasteurize and cooling; inoculate and ferment; stir and cooling; aseptic filling
Cheese Thickening type and gel type. Make processed cheese delicate and has compact texture and easy to slice Dosage: 0.3%-0.8%; mix carrageenan with water, white sugar, sodium citrate, butter, starch and cheese; low speed mixing and short-term high temperature processing in food processer; add cheese and process them at medium speed; cooling and molding
Ice Cream The addition of carrageenan could assist improve ice cream expansion ratio and melt resistance, improve the taste, inhibit the growth of ice crystals, good for shape Compounding with konjac powder and locust bean gum can improve ice cream’s flavor
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