CharacteristicsApplication methods
Low Temperature Carrageenan provides high protein reactivity, low viscosity, easy to be dispersed and penetrated, makes the final products juicy, toughening and elastic Dosage:0.5-1.0%; add compound phosphate, salt and carrageenan in turn when preparing injection; stirring and evenly mixing
High Temperature Compounding with carrageenan provides high viscosity, high strength, high retention, help products emulsification and adhesion Dosage:0.5-1.0%; mix with protein and spices and add them at the second chopping
Meatballs Protect starch from freezing-thawing , effectively improve the water retention capacity of meat products, improve elasticity and brittleness, improve quality, can reduce the use of raw meat, make intestines body’s surface bright, balls easy to float Dosage: about 1.0%; carrageenan, starch and water pre-gelatinization; add meat and mix well
Conditioning Products High content carrageenan improve the water retention and sense of juicy Dosage:0.5-1.0%
Vegetarian High purity konjac gum can improve the product's elasticity and toughness, the product is thermal irreversible Dosage:about 3%; mix with starch, protein and spices well; pour into mold and thermoform
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